Thursday, January 9, 2014


Kastle & Co Hunts Presents

World Tour 2015 Gridwide Hunt

Welcome back, world travelers! Last year's world-wide excursion was so successful that we have booked passage for each and every one of you again in 2015.

Merchants see below for info on how to become a destination.

There are several smaller paths to our hunt instead of one looooong one. How will this work? On the blog, each path has its hints and links on separate pages, again avoiding the need to do the hunt in one long, pre-arranged list. (find them top right)


The hunt is broken into 7 "continent" themed paths. You must select one. Hunters will be provided with a free companion hud (not needed to do the hunt) and rolling luggage to help them enjoy the experience.

All locations must provide a gift for male and female or unisex. The item(s) must be intended for full-sized avatars. Additional gifts for Petites etc may be included in addition.

Make sure you read "Requirements" page prior to application. It is asked for this hunt that all gifts are in theme.

CONTINENTS:  (some theme ideas)

Africa - Animal prints, safari, Morocco, tribal, etc

Asia - Chinese, Japanese, India, Middle East, Pakistan, Tibet, Russia, lotus, tea, dragons, lotus

Antarctica - winter

Australia - snakes, koalas, opals, crocodiles, safari, outback, kangaroos, summer

Europe - England, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Vikings, Gypsies, artists, Scotland, castles, the list for Europe is endless

North America - Eskimos, Canada, Native Americans, cowboys, Mexico, Texas, New York, rednecks, trailer parks, Caribbean pirates, another endless list

South America - Brazil, Aztecs, Amazon, gorillas, salsa dance, tango, argentina, cocaine, palm trees, jungle


PREVIEW - some of our participants have added their gift pics to a Flickr pool. The link is top right of page

BASICS - every stop has male and female or unisex gifts. All gifts are 1L each.
                  Touch any hunt sign for a companion HUD & group invite


HOW TO - Pick a path at the top right of the page and click the link. When you're finished visiting those locations, pick another path!

GROUP - As always, you're welcome to join our hunt group for additional help. secondlife:///app/group/bf179fc7-af30-1bd6-c805-6321bdae242f/about

Good luck and happy hunting!!

Spooky Mistwallow
Organizer - Kastle/Electric Hunts

                     Kastle & Co Events

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